Call for Abstracts- Demande des Resumes CANN/ACIIN 2017

The Saskatoon Chapter of CANN invites you to join us and experience our magical prairie skies and urban parkland river valley. Situated along the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon offers an eclectic collection of hidden gems, just begging to be discovered each waking day, creating new and unique moments of wonderful surprise for every visitor. Le chapitre de l’ACIIN de Saskatoon vous invite à les rejoindre et à vous laisser gagner par le ciel magique de ses prairies et le parc urbain de la va

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Happy Neuroscience Nurses Day!

Launched during the 2007 Annual General Meeting and Scientific Sessions held in Edmonton, Alberta this celebratory day was created to recognize the ongoing dedication and achievements of neuroscience nurses across Canada. National Neuroscience Nurses Day occurs annually June 20th commemorating the anniversary of the creation of CANN in 1969.

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CNA Call for feedback on position statements by June 30th 2016

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), has revised CNA’s 2009 position statement, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist. These two revisions of established position statements are provided for your input. We have also developed a new position statement on Complementary Roles of Nursing Regulatory Bodies and Professional Nursing Associations. This position statement has been drafted as a result of a resolution approved by members at a past CNA annual general meeting.

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