CJNN Authors Award


  1. New Author is defined as an author who publishes in CJNN for the first time;
  2. General author is defined as an author who has previously published in CJNN;
  3. Eligible author’s names will be entered into the separate draws that will be held at the June annual meeting of each year;
  4. Cheques for $200.00 will be presented to the winners of each of the two authors awards at the Annual General Meeting in June;
  5. The successful authors do not need to be CANN members;
  6. Successful authors who are not present at the time of announcement of the awards will have their award(s) mailed to them;
  7. If there are no new authors in any given year, a second general author award will be drawn from the eligible authors of the same year;
  8. The award will be presented by the editor of CJNN or designate.

Recent recipients



Mina Singh

Brenda Sabo