CNA Certification in Neuroscience Nursing CNN(c) Exam Preparation Course 2018

CNA Certification in Neuroscience Nursing CNN(c) Exam Preparation Course 2018

Happy New Year!!

The 2018 Neuroscience Nursing Exam Preparation online course opens January 7th 2018 and will be offered to all nurses across Canada who are registered to write the neuroscience Nursing certification exam. This 12 week course is designed to prepare participants to successfully write and pass the Neuroscience Nursing Certification Exam. There is no cost for the exam review course.

The CNA Certification Program is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills expected of a nurse with at least two years of experience in a given specialty. The exam will test participants on national standards created by nursing experts rather than a core curriculum of study.

Because the exam assesses experience, preparation will be based on what nurses already know. The course will refresh knowledge of the nursing specialty, especially practice areas that nurses haven’t been exposed to recently.

The course content will include topics listed in the CNA Guidelines and Competencies. The course format includes PowerPoint, videos, lectures, case studies and readings that cover general anatomy and pathophysiology. Sample questions will be offered at the end of each lecture.

Important dates:


January 7, 2018

January 14, 2018

Online Exam Preparation course registration / introduction

Course start date

January 10 - March 1, 2018

Application Window to register to write or renew by exam

May 1 - 15, 2018

Certification Examination Window

If you have questions about CNA policies for initial certification, contact the CNA certification team at or 1-800-361-8404.

The exam blueprint and specialty competencies are available at:

Please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria to write the examination prior to applying. I have included a link to the certification guide:

The CNA Certification manual has a section on financial assistance information. There is external funding support from the following sources:

Canadian Nurses Foundation

RNAO Education Initiative grant program:

If you are interested in the CNA Certification in Neuroscience Nursing Exam online course, please contact Janice Williams or Martine Andrews for details.


Janice and Martine

Janice Williams RN(EC) MN NP-Adult CNN(c) Martine Andrews, RN (EC) MN, NP-Adult CON(C) edD

Nurse Practitioner - Stroke Program __________________ Nurse Practitioner - Neurosurgery,

Toronto Western Hospital ____________________ St. Michaels Hospital

Tel: 416-603-5800 Ext 2445 ___________________ Tel: 416-526-3733


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