CANN Executive

Aline Bourgoin

Aline Bourgoin, Vice President/Secretary

Aline has been a CANN member since 2003 and has been very active in the organization as the Ontario-East chapter representative since 2013.  She has also contributed to the planning and scientific committees for the 2012 National conference in Ottawa and as a presenter at multiple CANN events and conferences.  Aline maintains her Neuroscience Nursing Certification through the Canadian Nurses Association and has been a strong supporter of the certification program.

Her clinical background is enriched with Neuroscience Nursing care.   Starting her career on the Neurosurgery ward at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus, she later complemented this experience by becoming a part-time professor with the University of Ottawa mentoring nursing students on the neurosurgery unit.  Since 2008, Aline has been working with the Champlain Regional Stroke Network at the Ottawa Hospital as the Stroke Prevention Coordinator/Nurse Specialist.

Within her role as Stroke Prevention Coordinator and Nurse Specialist, Aline has been an advocate for high-quality secondary stroke prevention care locally, provincially and nationally.  In Champlain, she helped to develop the Champlain Stroke Prevention System, which led to the creation of stroke prevention clinics in Pembroke and Cornwall.  She has been invited to participate on a number of provincial workgroups and was a lead member on the development of the Ontario Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic Core Elements project.  She also initiated and chairs a provincial Stroke Prevention Clinic Nurses interest group which has allowed for improved communication and collaboration amongst nurses working in Ontario Stroke Prevention Clinics.  Nationally, Aline has had the honor of participating in the 2017 Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care – prevention module writing group.  Aline has also promoted stroke prevention care through many local, provincial and national conference presentations, and publications.

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Maxime Boutin-Caron

Maxime Boutin-Caron, President

Has been working in neuroscience since 2008 at the Montreal Neurological Hospital. Worked in neurosurgery for 5 years and then became assistant nurse manager at the same hospital for an acute stroke/neurosurgery unit. Has been working working part-time at Casino de Montréal in organizational health and safety since 2012 and has been teaching at the undergraduate level at Université de Montréal for the past 3 years. Has presented at CANN conferences and CNSF conferences and is CNA certified in neurosciences. Will be leaving the Montreal Neurological Hospital at the end of July 2017 to work for the McGill University at the Montreal Neurological Institute as the Clinical Research Unit Manager.

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Jodi Dusik-Sharpe

Jodi Dusik-Sharpe, Past President

Thank you for the opportunity to represent Neuroscience Nurses across Canada!
I have been a member of CANN for just shy of 30 years and without a doubt, my affiliation with CANN has enriched both my nursing career and my personal life. The friendships I have made along the way are treasured and I look forward to reuniting with my Canadian colleagues each year at the AGM and Scientific Sessions.


The patients, the families, the multi-disciplinary team, like minded colleagues with a passion for challenging nursing care enriched in patient advocacy, research, benchmark standards of practice and compassion…..What a privilege it has been to spend my career in this field.
I spent the first 25 years of my nursing career in inpatient and outpatient Neurosurgery centers in Winnipeg. Being part of the CNA Neuroscience Nursing Certification exam committee in recent years was a professional highlight and serving both the Provincial and National BOD’s of CANN has been a constant in my career for which I am grateful for. Having a passion for injury prevention after witnessing the devastating impact of brain and spinal cord injuries on patients, families and the community as a whole, I was fortunate to be part of the Think First Foundation of Canada for 15 years to spread the injury prevention message and partner with injury survivors who shared their story of life after injury. The past 5 years have been in a variety of roles within Home Care, Neuro Rehabilitation and Palliative Care. No matter where my career takes me, I find (or perhaps seek out….) neuro patients and their families.
CANN members from coast to coast have so much to be proud of. Thank you for all you do.

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Mark Bonin

Mark Bonin, Treasurer

Mark has been a member of CANN since 2001.
In 2005, Mark became the Nova Scotia Councillor.
In 2008, he stepped into the role of Treasurer and is now in his second term. Prior to entering the Nursing Profession in 1989, Mark graduated from St.F.X.U. with a Bachelor of Business Administration.
In his time away from CANN, Mark works in Halifax as a Critical Care Organ Donation Coordinator. His “neuro” roots go back to 1997, when he started his critical care career in the Med/Surg/Neuro ICU.

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