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2015 Guidelines for the Dr. Marlene Reimer Research Award

The Marlene Reimer Research Award was established to promote neuroscience nursing research in line with the mission and vision of CANN. This award provides financial support to qualified nurses to pursue a research project focusing directly on neuroscience patient care issues relevant to the scope of nursing practice in Canada. The amount award is determined yearly. The award may be awarded to one or more individuals depending on available funds.

  1. Research funds will be allocated yearly based on numbers of requests;
  2. Application deadline is November 1st annually
  3. The total Marlene Reimer Research Award will be $2000 plus the net profit from the Run for Research of the previous year; to be reviewed annually at the midyear meeting by the BOD;
  4. Fundable projects will focus directly on neuroscience patient care issues;
  5. Projects will focus on issues within the scope of nursing practice in Canada;
  6. The primary investigator must be a nurse and an active member of CANN in the preceding year;
  7. A letter of request plus the proposal shall be sent to the chairperson of the research committee (may be sent electronically);
  8. An additional two copies of the proposal will be mailed electronically to the research chairperson; one copy includes identifying information (research team members, health care setting) and the second copy does not include this information.
  9. A letter or support from management/clinical supervisor describing the contribution of this neuroscience nursing research study proposal should accompany the application;
  10. The research proposal shall include the following:
    • Title of project
    • Names and qualifications of the principal and co-investigators
    • Purpose of the project
    • Methodology (including sample, procedures and data analysis plan)
    • Evidence of consent by the Ethics Committee of the institution/agency from which the research subjects will be selected, if applicable
    • Budget and time frame
    • Amount of money requested from CANN.
  1. The proposed budget should include the following headings:
    • Professional Services
    • Supplies
    • Services
    • Travel (does not include funding for travel to present findings at annual CANN meeting)
    • Equipment
  2. Proposal should also include details about other funding sources; including those confirmed and those pending;
  3. The Research Committee will review proposals and notify the Board of Directors on decisions about funding awards;
  4. The award will be given to the recipient at the time the decision is made and official recognition will be given at the annual meeting luncheon;
  5. Those who receive funding shall provide progress reports to the Research Committee upon request;
  6. The deadline for applications for research funds will be November 1st and will be published in CJNN;
  7. Researchers are expected to publish their results in CJNN and present them at the Annual Meeting ;
  8. Researchers must submit a report of their research to the Research Committee.