History of CANN

In June of 1969, Miss Jessie Young and a small group of neuroscience nurses held an organizational meeting in Montreal. At the end of their meeting, the Canadian Association of Neurological and Neurosurgical Nurses and its first executive had been formed.

From these early beginnings, the Association has continued to grow and develop. Since 1970, CANN hosted its Annual General Meeting and Scientific Sessions bringing together neuroscience nurses from across the country to network and share knowledge. Highlights of CANN’s accomplishments include the first interest group to be awarded affiliate membership in the Canadian Association of Nurses (CNA) and the first nursing speciality accepted for certification under CNA’s program. In 1979 CANN published the first edition of the journal AXON. Over the years the journal evolved in format and content including most recently a name change to the Canadian Journal of Neuroscience Nursing but always remains dedicated to providing content of interest to the community of neuroscience nurses in Canada. The 80’s saw CANN’s involvement in advancing the practice of neuroscience nursing by publishing the first standards of practice for Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing, becoming a member of the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses and offering bursaries and awards to support members for continuing education. In the 1990’s the administrative side of the organization solidified leading to the creation of a mission statement and strategic plan. By the mid 90’s CANN had its own website opening the door for better dissemination of knowledge across the country and internationally.

Finally, this decade saw further developments in CANN’s commitment to supporting its members through awards and bursaries, including the establishment of the Marlene Reimer Research Award.

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