Guidelines for the Codman Award

The Codman Award will be presented to the author or authors of a written paper, which demonstrates the achievement of excellence in the area of neuroscience nursing research. It is expected that the money will be used for professional development.


  1. At least one of the author(s) is a general/honorary member of the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (CANN) and was a general/honorary member in the preceding year;
  2. The author(s) stipulates in writing the intention to seek the award by the call for abstracts deadline; the deadline is November 1st of each year.
  3. The author(s) is prepared to present the paper at the CANN Annual Meeting;
  4. The paper contains original work by the author(s);
  5. The paper may be an adaptation from a previous work by author(s); this must be stated;
  6. The award may not be presented to the same author(s) two consecutive years.


  1. The paper is written according to the manuscript guidelines for publication
  2. The author(s) presents a logical development of ideas based on scientific evidence;
  3. The author(s) demonstrate creativity and originality;
  4. The paper has implications for neuroscience nursing practice, education, administration or research;
  5. The paper is relevant to current trends in neuroscience nursing;
  6. Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of the topic.


  1. The paper is written according to the manuscript guidelines for publication as established by the Canadian Journal of Neuroscience Nursing


  1. The paper is selected by the Scientific Program Committee through consultation with the scientific liaison and editor of CJNN;
  2. The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to withhold the award if no paper meets the specifications;
  3. The Scientific Program Committee must receive papers for consideration by Feb 15.


  1. A representative of the Codman Company at the Annual Meeting presents the award.


  1. The completed paper must be submitted to the editor of CJNN, or designee (e.g. Peer reviewer) at the Annual Meeting for publication;
  2. The monetary portion of the award will be withheld until publication in CJNN.

For more information or to submit your intention to apply email theScientific Chairperson