Pam Sharma BSN, RN (She/Her)
British Columbia - Lower Mainland Councilor
I first started my career as a Neuroscience Nurse in 2014 after being hired as an ESN on VGH Neurosciences. Upon completion of my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, I began working full time for VGH Neuro. Over the years, I completed the Clinical Laddering program training to work in their Step Down Unit prior to obtaining my High Acuity certificate in 2017 from BCIT, after which I returned to work in the Neuro ICU. I completed in-house training to work as a Code Stroke Nurse at VGH in 2018. I am currently working as a Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) for VGH Neurosciences. I am a strong advocate for Nursing education and development. During my tenure as CNE, I have worked to redevelop unit education, collaborated with the Epilepsy team on the expansion of our Seizure Investigation Unit and developed the corresponding Standard of Practice. I am also an advocate for the Patient Stories Project, which has allowed our teams to gain a better understanding of the patient experience and take pride in the work that they do.
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