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Our Vision

Empowering nurses to provide the highest neuroscience nursing care to all Canadians. The Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (CANN) sets standards of practice and promotes continuing professional education and research. Members collaborate with individuals, families, interdisciplinary teams and communities to prevent illness and to improve health outcomes for people with, or at risk for, neurological disorders.

13 Local Chapters

Neuroscience Nurses from across Canada and internationally are linked to their local chapter for education, and professional networking.

55 Years


1969-2019 we celebrated the Association’s Golden Anniversary.




200+ Members

We have General, Associate, and Honorary Members


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Neuro Nurses To Know

Recognize the incredible nurses that work in the various fields of neuroscience across the world

National Nursing Week 2024

Volunteers Needed

The Equity Justice and Belonging Committee is looking for more members!

CANN Membership

CANN is a national association that sets standards of practice and promotes continuing professional education and research for neuroscience nursing. As a CANN member, you will enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Access to clinical resources and online education opportunities
  • Eligibility to apply for awards and bursaries
  • Discounted registration fee for our annual meeting
  • Networking opportunities with other neuroscience nurses
  • Support for your neuroscience nursing certification
  • Significant reduced membership rate with the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation


CANN offers a variety of clinical resources for neuroscience nurses. These resources help nurses improve their practice and stay updated on the latest developments in neuroscience nursing.

Organization Affiliates

Canadian organization affiliates with common interests with CANN

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CANN publications include the Standards of Practice and the Canadian Journal of Neuroscience Nursing

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Awards and Bursaries

Awards and Bursaries to fund professional development of neuroscience nurses

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