Pauline Weldon
Past President
Pauline Weldon graduated from New Germany Rural High School in 1956 having received Best All Around Student Award. Later she went on to graduate from the Victoria General Hospital School of Nursing in 1959 and from Dalhousie University School of Nursing with her BN in 1978. She worked at the Victoria General Hospital, NS Rehab Centre, Dalhousie MS Research Unit, Harbour View Haven Nursing Home, Lunenburg and Rosedale Home for Special Care, New Germany. She volunteered with the MS Society as the Provincial Vice President for NS; the Lutheran Church as a Board Member for the Eastern Synod University Chaplaincy Committee for 3 years; on the National Church Council, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada for 8 years; on the Eastern Synod Camp Committee for the Lutheran Church Camp Mush-a-Mush for 4 years; for the Canadian Association of Neuro-Science Nurses as Secretary, Treasurer, President, Councillor, Committee Member, and Editor of Axon and in 1991 was given her Honorary Membership in CANN. She served on the board for the National Journal of MS Care, having received a certificate of appreciation; received two MS Nursing Excellence Awards - one from the International Organization of MS nurses, the June Halper Award and the other from Berlex Canada. During her nursing career, she held certifications in Neuro-Science Nursing, MS Nursing, and Research Nursing. At one point in her career, she had all three certificates active at once. The last thing she did while actively working in MS care was to co-publish a booklet for newly diagnosed MS patients. She retired from nursing at age 75 after many previous attempts but was finally able to enjoy her retirement. Pauline died at the age of 77 on January 8, 2015
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